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Many of our functional+ web design customers come to us with a good understanding that the Internet can help their business grow into the future, but they are often unsure of just what to do next on the web. Designers at Infitech have professional experience in a wide variety of industries. We can partner with you to make sure that your website works for you and do it within your budget. An online presence is one thing, but so many want to know, "just what can I make my website do so that my business can become more successful?" Infitech will consult with you every step of the way. We will evaluate your business, industry and market. We can then determine what should be included in your new website to ensure that your presence is comprehensive and within the constraints of your budget.

Our funtional+ websites often include more complex functionality, more in-depth content, advanced SEO, small web applications or calculators, and even content management. It's the next step from typical small business websites yet not as involved as a complete e-commerce websites and self-contained web applications. The Infitech website development team can put their experience to work for you.

Browse our functional+ web design projects and then be sure to call and ask our customers about their experience with the Infitech professional web design team. We count on our partnerships.

THANKS to our Functional+ Business Web Design Partners around the greater Cincinnati area and beyond!

visit BioRx Immunotherapy

BioRx Immunotherapy

Custom Web Design: BioRx Immunotherapy Services is a specialized division of BioRx, one of the country’s fastest growing, privately-held providers of specialty pharmacy and infusion services, focusing on personalized Ig therapy at home. This informational site is full of information for autoimmune disorders and immune deficiency. Landing pages work in conjunction with PPC campaigns to drive leads. Product overviews offer a quick glance with 1 click animation for details. A jQuery slider provides an animated sidebar highlight in an isolated space to draw attention. Testimonials automatically scroll on some pages. View the BioRx Immunotherapy website »

visit Greater Cincinnati Credit Union

Greater Cincinnati Credit Union

Custom Web Content Management System: Greater Cincinnati Credit Union came to Infitech Web Services for a new website that had contemporary design, extra functionality and an easy to use content management system. We re-built the website from the ground up - provided a new polished design and color scheme, added custom funtionality and integreated it with simpleCMS by Infitech web content management system. Their new site includes an Emergency Notification Manager to address snow days, service outages and more. The News Manager give GCCU an easy way to add important, quick posts that are pulled out to the home page for easy review. Home page revolving banners offer multiple messages in a single space - a great way to keep your customer base in tune. Custom web design combined with simple web content management. View the Greater Cincinnati Credit Union website »

visit a-tcontrols.com

A-T Controls, Inc. | Manufacture and Sale of Valve, Actuator and Valve Control products for industrial use

Objective: A-T Controls offers its customers, both future and current, a detailed overview of valve industry automation equipment products and a complete library search resource for technical literature. A-T is well known in the Valve Industry for being innovative and consistently moving forward with their product line and wanted the new look to reflect that energy. We've included existing marketing material, technical literature and complete catalog offering through their download area, offering a detailed search facility for customers to easily find the literature they need. Sideline highlights are included to bring new products and news to the forefront. And, the home page as well as all internal pages have single click access to every product A-T offers using drop down menus. Thank you, A-T Controls, for your continued business from all of us at Infitech! »visit our web site design and development partner, A-T Controls

visit BioRx Hemophilia

BioRx Hemophilia | Hemophilia Treatment and Support

Custom Website Design: BioRx is a national pharmacy and treatment provider for hemophilia, von Willebrand disease, and related bleeding disorders. The website provides information and support to those patients and family members. Utilizing a jQuery animated slider to showcase testimonials and other highlights in a single space allows the viewer to get a snapshot of the information quickly without navigating. The site is deep with information which lead to submission forms so visitors can get the additional support they need. View the BioRx Hemophilia website »

visit Consolidated Treatment

Consolidated Treatment | Water Treatment Systems

Website Redesign: Custom segmenting with unique graphics and content, product overviews, organized documentation, secure dealer area, product registration, customer survey and content management - all were part of the new custom website redesign for Consolidated Treatment Systems. View the Consolidated Treatment website »

visit IHS Drugs

IHS Drugs & Wellness Center | Community Pharmacy

Web Design Objective: IHS Drugs, a Greene County community pharmacy and wellness center, came to the Infitech web design team while experiencing significant growth. They had an existing web site that was developed for basic information. They were seeking a new web design that helped support their brand in the community, increased visibility and offered a flavor of their expanded size. In addition to a new design, our web developers added a section of forms that allowed customers to submit new, refilled and transferred prescriptions. Because they are a local pharmacy, embedded maps were added that made it easy to find any of their multiple locations getting customized directions right from your home. Highlights of some of the delivery services that set them apart are scattered throughout the website. Visit our web design and development partner. View the IHS Drugs & Wellness Center website »

visit WorkStar Health Services

WorkStar Health Services | Ohio Managed Care Organization

Web Design Objective: As a new managed care organization in the state of Ohio, WorkStar Health Services needed an initial website presense. Our web development created an initial "splash" page which offered a brief overview and a submission form that allowed an Ohio based company to submit an invitation. Once WorkStar became Accredited, the site was expanded to offer new Ohio employers, providers and injured workers, complete information, downloadable forms, submission forms and more so that the complicated proceedures through the Ohio BWC become less burdensome for all. A clean, professional site that does the job for 3 target audiences. In addition, a careers page was added listing open positions and a submission form that allows job candidates to upload their resumes directly to WorkStar. Just another way that WorkStar Health Services used web technologies to make their business more effective. View the new WorkStar Health Services website »

visit Strictly Spanish Translation

Strictly Spanish | Spanish Translation Services

Custom Web Design: From books to online markets, translation services is experiencing strong growth. With that comes more competition. From a website make-over to search engine optimized content and site structure to consulting along the way, this site works 24/7 for Strictly Spansih. Our team combined a clean design with professionally written content, regular updates and expert consultation. Everything any website needs for success. View Strictly Spanish Translation »

visit Resonate Companies

Resonate Companies | Financial Management

Web Design Objective: Infitech, working closely with Murray Multimedia Resources, created a new and improved website that allows the folks at Resonate Companies to maintain content such as bios, articles, events, newsletters, press releases, link resources, embedded media, and market updates. Using an custom built content management system, Resonate is able administrate content at their convenience. Additional functionality is included in the administration area that automates the process of compliance for financial companies. Visit our website design and development partner. View the new Resonate Companies website »

visit Lebanon Equine Clinic

Lebanon Equine Clinic | Veterinary Services for Horses Throughout Greater Cincinnati

Web Design Objective: Lebanon Equine Clinic is a sister company to our website design customer, Lebanon Small Animal Hospital. The Infitech Web Design Team had recently launched a website makeover for LSAC with excellent success. The 2 decided to make each site consistant in look and feel with each other with cross-links between sites. Since one there is so much synergy between businesses, our web designers created a single splash page that each site now shares. Typing either domain brings you to the same page showing brief information for both businesses. Once the viewer clicks into either, they get isolated information. The side bar in eadch site offers a quick link across sites. Maps and directions are important since both clinics are just outside of downtown Lebanon Ohio. So an embedded Google Map offers quick access to location information. Visit our website design and development partner. View the new Lebanon Equine Clinic web design »

visit Kevin Mayfield Plastic Surgery

Kevin Mayfield Plastic Surgery | Reconstructive and Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Center

Web Design Objective: The key requirements were to keep a clean and well organized web page design that focused on information. There are 3 navigation sets that utilize sectional landing pages. This directs the viewer through pieces of information that cannot be missed. Even when the viewer is 3 clicks deep into the website, they always know exactly where they are. This creates a comfortable user experience, allowing them to focus on the informatin. Patient spotlights are provided in specific surgery areas along with FAQ's to further the viewer's research. A large footer box gives the viewer quick links into key areas while highlighting treatment specials. Phone number and contact link are always visible in the header for easy to find connections. The home page has a mild flash animation on the tagline drawing attention, then allowing the viewers eyes to flow through the page to the main page image which uses a random loading script to display a single image from a "bucket" of images keeping the page fresh looking each time it loads. A set of 3 large buttons in the main content area offer links into peripheral page information as attention grabbers driving sales leads. The website is well optimized to attract local search traffic. View the new Kevin Mayfield Plastic Surgery web design »

visit Flow Line Controls

Flow Line Controls | Valve Automation and Controls Manufacturer

Web Design Objective: Flow Line Controls needed a strong web presence in a web design that could provide engineers with technical details, pipeline service managers with quick details, and new potential customers with an overview of the product line. Flow Line worked closely with the Infitech Web Design Team to create an easy to navigate yet comprehensive web site providing item documentation on each product page so that all information was easy to find. A clear, expanding navigation tree allows users to navigate directly from one product to the next. On-page tabs keep the user on the product page while offering features side-by-side with documentation. View the new Flow Line Controls web design »

visit Genesis Systems

Genesis Systems Inc. | Valve & Valve Automation Distributor

Web Design Objective: Genesis Sysetms, based in Texas, contacted the web design team at Infitech to assist in increasing the quality of their existing web presence with a complete website re-design. As a valve and valve automation distributor, it's hard to achieve web presence for any one product, so the web designers at Infitech focused on additional services that help make Genesis a unique distributor. Teamed with a home page Flash animation introduction of core product categories and associated industries, the website visitor gets a snapshot of the diversity in valve industry product lines offered by Genesis. View the new Genesis Systems web design »

visit Hilltop OBGYN

Hilltop Obstetrics and Gynecology | OBGYN for women's health

Web Design Objective: Hilltop OBGYN moved into a new facility in Middletown and wanted their web presence to reflect the quality of their new home. A clean, professional web site design provides Hilltop OBGYN visitors with quick access to documentation and location information as well as resources for women reaching for a healthy lifestyle. The site provides general information for women's health along with bios and comments from Hilltop OBGYN physicians. Highlighted is a link to get a Free Laser Consultation. Combining Aesthetic services designed for women creates a unique niche for Hilltop. View the new Hilltop Obstetrics and Gynecology web design »

visit BMA Metals, Supplier of Metal Products

BMA Metals Group | Metal Supplier across the U.S.A.

Web Design Objective: BMA Metals Group, based in West Chester Ohio, came to Infitech with a slew of questions. Recommended by an existing Infitech web design customer, BMA was interested in creating a complete web presence and wanted to work with a company that could consult with them over time. The Infitech web design team worked thoroughly to create an informational site that was complete, yet not over-bearing with details. The visitor is presented with organized sets of details that allow them to discern the variety of metal products available through BMA. All links lead to a simple contact form. Combining a well orgranized web site design, with a search engine optimized web site foundation, BMA saw almost immediate web rankings on Google. As they slowly integrate AdWords campaigns, the new BMA Metals Group web site will consistently convert leads into sales. View the new BMA Metals Group web design »

visit CH Hamilton

CH Hamilton Company | Midwest Site Development Contractor

Web Design Objective: CH Hamilton Company had an existing web site design that offered nothing other than a bullet list of services that was years outdated. The Infitech web designers started from scratch, building a website that was heavy with graphics, offering a multitude of images showing the diversity of projects. Using simple image rollers that change a larger picture, combined with a gallery of thumbnails that open into a larger image slideshow, the Infitech web design team was able to let the client's work speak for itself .View the new CH Hamilton Companyweb design »

visit Magnegrip Group Exhaust Extraction Systems

Magnegrip Group | Diesel Exhaust Extraction Systems

Web Design Objective: The Magnegrip Group came to Infitech with an existing web site that was missing strong organization and a few new product lines. Adding new paths from the home page made it necessary to re-create the website structure and allowed us to re-organize the website offering the visitor a more strategic click path towards the right product. Visitors can quickly gather an overview of each product line, then click in for more details. Once they've found the information they are looking for, side bar items with testimonials and more are presented, creating trust. Additional simple calls to action are offered in key places. Driving new traffic and providing existing customers new information, the new, well organized Magnegrip Group website is complete carrying information for each product line in a well organized website structure. View the new Magnegrip Group web site

visit Leverone Certified Public Accountants

Leverone & Associates, Inc. | Certified Public Accountants

Web Design Objective: Leverone & Associates approached Infitech with the need to launch an initial internet presence throughout the greater Cincinnati, Ohio area. A CPA's experience and bio is often a key point for its clientele. Leverone's experienced Certified Public Accountants and staff have everything that their clients need and the message on their new website needed to reflect just that. With an Accounting Staff area, the Infitech website design team created a comprehensive section that explained the backgrounds of each invdividual, and then a simple 1-click contact for each. An online survey was added so that Leverone could get valuable feedback from each customer after a project was complete. With a clean, sophisticated looking website that has functional tools to gather customer input and enough information for prospective clients to evaluate their services, Leverone is well on its way to a productive Cincinnati area web presence. View the new Leverone & Associates web site

visit Rookwood Homes custom home builder

Rookwood Homes| Greater Cincinnati Homearama® custom home builder

Website Design Objective: As a Greater Cincinnati Homearama® custom home builder since 1988, Rookwood Homes key requirement was that the visual interface match the level of design sophistication of the homes they design and build throughout the Greater Cincinnati area. Infitech website designers created a Custom Home Gallery with simple visual navigation of both exterior and interior home features making it easy for the viewer to "walk" through a custom built home. When ready, they can download the home floor plans for further inspection. View the new Rookwood Custom Home Building web site

visit J Flow Controls

J Flow Controls | Valve Automation Manufacturer

Web Site Design Objective: J FLow Controls is a new valve manufacturing company with years of experience as a distributor in the Flow Control Industry. They came to the Infitech Website Design Team with a challenge to create a solid, professional online presence that provided the visitor with a complete understanding of their products and services but with a slight twist. Instead of simply listing their products, they are displayed based on industries in which the type of product is used. If you are in the Chemical Industry, simply view that industry's product page. The listing of products is then isolated. Simple and fast. View the new J Flow Controls web site

visit Laritech.com

Laritech | International manufacturer, designer, assembler of printed circuit boards based in California.

Objective: Laritech wanted a unique visual presence to backup their seal or brand amongst the slew of printed circuit board manufacturers/assemblers and the Infitech web team gave them just that. Once the web visitor lands in the Laritech website, they are given information, as well as randomly loading images of Laritech facilities and machines reinforcing Laritech's cutting edge approach to printed circuit board assembly, design and manufacturing. The viewer is driven to a case studies area, where they can save each individual case study in pdf format complete with all Laritech contact information and even signup for new case study notifications. Case studies are a great way to give specific information that reinforce experience and professionalism. In Laritech's case, they serve a multitude of industries with a custom approach to every printed circuit board they manufacture, design or assemble. The Laritech website re-design has a unique visual presence combined with solid functions that make their web site a tool for future business growth. View the new Laritech web site at www.laritech.com.

visit PDiarm.com

PDi | National manufacturer / Supplier of hospital grade televisions, mounting and support products.

Team Work: The Infitech website design and development team is often called on by Cincinnati and West Chester, Ohio based Design/Communication firms, Graphic Design Firms, and Advertising Agencies to work with their design teams in building a web site as well as consulting with the cross-over from print to web. In this case, Infitech worked with award winning Five Visual Communications.

Objective: Five Visual consulted with Infitech to offer a Five Visual created design offering congruency with newly created print/marketing material on the website. Cincinnati/Dayton based PDi required a website that provides complete information of all PDi products - hospital grade LCD televisions and mounting support products - as well as functional forms to gather information, and a password protected document library for its distributors. Infitech built and now powers the hosting of the website for PDi. View the PDi website at www.pdiarm.com.


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